“the cornerstone of functional training and rehabilitation is to train movements, not muscles.”

Vern Gambetta.

The Function Difference


Fitness is defined differently by each individual. Whether you want to be fit for everyday life or fit to race a triathlon, the commonality lies in human form and movement. With that in mind, we approach each individual according to their need. At Function, our goal is to create a fitness program tailored to your needs. With this in mind, we begin your personal training journey with a detailed one-on-one consultation and assessment.

This includes a screening process — challenging, but not complex — designed to evaluate your movement. During this consultation, we also discuss your overall goals and fitness experiences. When you sign up, you work with our experts across the areas of strength, power, endurance, balance, flexibility, and skill. All aspects of fitness are covered and you can go deep at an advanced level in any area.


Learning never stops are words we live by. We are a knowledge driven facility with a strong passion for exercise science. With a focus on personal training, our job could not get any more serious. We take pride in providing world class training to our members. In order for us to do that, we must invest and continue developing ourselves and keep up to date with global practices.

Studying is part of our culture. Not only is our team certified by reputable fitness institutions, but we are constantly learning on a daily basis. We believe that book knowledge, practical knowledge and a keen attitude to learn are the key factors which enable us to care for you. Education is a top priority for us. Through our training, we aim to provide continuous learning for our members. Come and experience the difference.

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