“the cornerstone of functional training and rehabilitation is to train movements, not muscles.”

Vern Gambetta.

Origin Story


The health and wellness industry has been on the rise in Pakistan. Over the last decade, many gyms, bootcamps, and specialized fitness studios have opened up across major cities catering to different segments of the Pakistani population. Despite the upward trend, we find the major proportion of the population stuck in their sedentary lifestyles, not becoming healthier, not aware of how they can improve all aspects of life through physical training and sometimes being unable to perform daily routine activities.

The above observation led us to create an innovative fitness facility revolving around the concept of safe, movement and performance-based training. Function is a highly functional physical space equipped with the most current, effective fitness tools, and a supportive and inclusive community that extends beyond our walls. More than a gym or studio, Function is a way of life.

Our mission is to help you achieve your best state by getting your body to move in the way it was designed to move. We bring you the most effective training experience possible. It all starts with our attitude—we are tough, but we have fun; we are professional, but have a sense of humor; above all else, we care about you and appreciate every time you walk through our door. Function will deliver you the results you want in a fun, dynamic setting.

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